ConCert by HIMSS™ Program Document

What is the ConCert by HIMSS Program Document?

This document describes the operational behaviors of the ConCert by HIMSS™ governance body, HIMSS North America, and the creation and publication of the management and technical requirements, aka the scheme(s), necessary for an Authorized Conformity Assessment Testing Laboratory (ATL) and Certification Body (ACB) to be involved in the ConCert by HIMSS program. The ConCert  by HIMSS program can have one or more ATL and one or more ACB.

This document is for use by testing laboratories and certification bodies developing management and technical systems to govern their operations. Testing Laboratory customers, regulatory authorities, and accreditation bodies may also use it as a basis upon which to judge the competence of testing laboratories and certification bodies.  This document also contains the technical test specifications for testing that can be leveraged by potential vendors interested in the ConCert by HIMSS program.

Open for Public Comment: January 8 - Feburary 9, 2018

The ConCert by HIMSS program is seeking comments on the first release of this document.  Please download the documents and associated Excel document to provide comments.

ConCert by HIMSS Program Document

ConCert by HIMSS Supplemental Documents - Test Methods

Patient Data Inquiry

Send and Receive Exchange

Medical Device

EHR-Infusion Pump Integration

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