HIMSS Presents: The Value of HIT, ConCert

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Listen to the Value of Health IT presented by HIMSS, a fast-paced video series offering a first-person perspective on improving health and healthcare with the best use of IT.

Featuring ConCert by HIMSSTM

During this review of ConCert by HIMSSTM, hear from different members of the healthcare community, as they put their thoughts on record during HIMSS16 and confirm the benefits of secure, reliable and electronic exchange of health data.

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What is the value of certified products to customers?


What separates ConCert from other programs in delivering real-world integration?


What are the benefits of being a ConCert early adopter?


How can we achieve real-world integration prior to system delivery?


What lessons do you learn during the certification process?


How important is standards adoption for the future of healthcare?


To learn how your organization can become a certified vendor in the ConCert by HIMSS program, contact our team.