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HIMSS Innovation Center partnered with and The Cleveland Foundation’s Ctrl + Alt + CLE initiative to raise awareness and look for digital health solutions regarding the current health crisis of infant mortality, especially among black mothers. In Ohio, black babies die at three times the rate as white babies. Even though it is in the presence of many medical powers, Ohio holds the second highest infant mortality rate in the country for black women. Local and national health stakeholders met in order to increase the momentum of this crisis by increasing education and seeking out practical technological solutions on August 24th at the Battle for Our Babies: Seeking Tech Solutions to Reduce Infant Mortality event.


Cleveland, once the underdog city and was nicknamed the Mistake on the Lake, is now on the top ten and best of lists from around the country.  The city of Cleveland offers it's two million residents access to world-class music and art; family-friendly fun; beautiful summers.  All the fun of a large city without the huge crowds normally found at other tourist destinations.


Cleveland Clinic explains their approach to turn data into knowledge and insight through a strategic use of API’s as a formula.


Goal of Dev4Health Conference to educate & equip software developers with tools to address healthcare challenges.


HIMSS Innovation & Conference Center welcomes healthcare stakeholders from across the world to 2-day Dev4Health Conference.


People and patients are at the center of innovation goals at Dev4Health


Attendees at the Health 2.0 and HIMSS Dev4Health conference attendees where treated with a look inside the Cleveland Clinic's innovation mindset.  Brent Hicks, Senior Director of Clinical Solutions of Cleveland Clinic’s app development team and William Morris, MD, Senior Director of Cleveland Clinic Innovations shared with the conference attendees that over the past few years teams have focused on developing a FHIR platform to extend their EPIC EMR to solve new problems. 


See for yourself photo's from the 2nd Annual Medical Capital Innovation Summit.


BioEnterprise, the Global Center for Health InnovationCuyahoga County, and Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) announced the winners for the second annual Medical Capital Innovation Competition.  The theme for this event was "The Next Generation of Healthcare". 

The first place team in the open division came to Cleveland from Houston, TX and were awarded a $50,000 prize.  VasBiome utilizes artificial intelligence to identify how microbiome impacts diseases.  The first place in the Collegiate division team, Radiome from Case Western Reserve University.  They received a $6,000 prize for their program that works on predicting which patients will benefit from various combinations of chemotherapy and surgery in breast cancer patients.



The Medical Capital Innovation Competition is celebrating it's 2nd year at the Global Center for Health Innovation.  On Monday, April 23rd, participating startups were given a full day to practice their business pitches in front of mentors.  The mentors gave each team valueable feedback on their pitches in order to deliver their ideas to the judges on Tuesday, April 24th. 


BioEnterpirse has partnered with Accenture Consulting, G2G Consulting, and HIMSS to develop an executive briefing - a unique session for more than 70 of the experts to convene and have private discussions with government and industry leaders.  The focus of the March 26th briefing was "the role of private capital in attacking the opioid crisis".  This session convened lawmakers with innovators to focus on the impact of private capital in the healthcare industry and advance the discussion on initiatives that move toward prevention and the curtailing of opioid abuse across the nation.




Global Center for Health Innovation will be the temporary home for the 12 health tech startups selected during the first Plug and Play Cleveland Selection day held on March 1, 2018.

The group of 12 startups will be working with Plug and Play's corporate partners and will have the opportunity to develop their startups after they graduate from the program on June 28. 




CLEVELAND, Ohio - According to the 2017 Airport Service Quality Survey, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is the "most improved" airport in North America.

Mayor Frank Jockson stated that "Cleveland Hopkins is focusing on increasing the vistor expericence in all aspects of customer service".   Hopkins' survey scores are its highest in more than a decade.





Aram Nerpouni, BioEnterprise CEO and his team are helping The Global Center for Health Innovation come to life.  Aram mantra is "Achieving Change Through Collaboration,"  so he is encouraging the tenants of the Global Center to work together to help solve various health-care issues.


Plug and Play Technology accelerator held it's first Selection Day competition on March 1st at the HIMSS Innovation Center located in Cleveland, OH.  Twenty-seven startup companies from around the world were given 5 minutes to pitch their idea to a crowd of almost 400 attendees.  Amongst those attendees where investors, fellow startups, mentors and potential partners.  Of the twenty-seven companies, ten will be selected to be the first startups to take up residency at the Global Center for Health Innovation.  These startups will have ten weeks of mentoring, access to venture capital and a place to call home.


Plug and Play will start it's first accelerator class with the winners from the Selection Day event taking place on March 1, 2018 at the HIMSS Innovation Center in Cleveland OH. Twenty - seven start ups from around the world will compete for ten spots to become the first accelerator class at the Global Center for Health Innovation. The 10 winning companies will find out on Monday, March 5th if they were chosen. The winning startups will gain access to partnerships and venture capital, while Plug and Play's local partners, the Cleveland Clinic and JumpStart, will gain a pipeline to new innovations.


CLEVELAND, Ohio - Twenty-seven health and technology companies will gather at the HIMSS Innovation Center, vying for their chance to develop their concepts and attract investors at the Global Center for Health Innovation.  After the competition, ten of the twenty-seven start up's will be an opportunity to take up office space for several weeks in the Global Center for Health Innovation downtown, where they will be nurtured by business pros to try to turn their ideas into reality.




Cleveland, Ohio is home to more than 60 medical centers, of these three of them are major health care systems; Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals and MetroHealth System. In addition to these major hospital systems, there are a number of educational institutions that are involved in cutting edge medical research.

Start up's are finding their place in the Cleveland area. Add the start up's to the 60 medical centers and it adds up to a tremendous amount of healthcare and health IT-related innovation and advancement in one region.

The full story can be found here on the Healthcare Infomatics article.


Cleveland is now being dubbed a haven for innovation and start ups.  More and more entrepreeurs are moving into the city and calling it home.  Cleveland is now 8 on the list of the top “Top 10 U.S. Cities Where Startups Are Growing”.  Click here to see who else made the list.




Harold “Hal” Wolf III, now the President and CEO of HIMSS, began his career as a US music video broadcaster at MTV and is now looking to put the "fun" that was had during his MTV days into the tech geek world.


Health 2.0 and HIMSS (Health Information Management Systems Society) are partnering up and creating a new conference, Dev4Health.  This conference will take place on April 30 & May 1 at the HIMSS Innovation Center in Cleveland Ohio.  This conference is drawing developers to the Cleveland area and will include hands-on workshops that will focus on digital health technologies.



The Global Center for Health Innovation, a publicly financed building has a new tentent and partner with BioEnterprise.  BioEnterprise is know for promoting and nurturing health care related companies and bio-science technology startups.  They have moved 20 executives into once was the Business Showcase that will work on bringing the building alive with activity and new startups. 

The full story can be found on the website.




The 2nd Annual Medical Capital Innovation Competition (MCIC2) is a two-day business plan competition open to professional and collegiate teams from around the world that are working with big data, artificial intelligence, enhanced reality and other disruptive technologies to improve healthcare. $100,000 in prizes, mentoring, and access to business advisors, including world-class healthcare systems and collaborators, will be awarded. MCIC2 is presented by BioEnterprise in partnership with the Global Center for Health Innovation (Global Center), Cuyahoga County, and Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) and takes place at the Global Center for Health Innovation (Global Center) in Cleveland, Ohio on April 23-24, 2018.




BioEnterpriseGlobal Center for Health Innovation, Cuyahoga County, and Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) will be hosting the second annual Medical Capital Innovation Competition (MCIC2) on April 23-24, 2018 at the Global Center for Health Innovation in Cleveland, OH.

The Next Generation of Healthcare is the theme of this years competetion.  This theme will take into account how big data, artificial inteligence, and other disruptive technologies will help engage clinicians and patients in bringing healthcare to the next level.



BioEnterprise held their first session in the series of executive briefings titled "Healthcare Transformation; The Opportunities and Challenges in Leveraging Data" at the Global Center for Health Innovation on Tuesday, Decenber 5th.  Over eighty experts from across the USA meet to figure out how they can adress the challenges and possbile benefits of leveraging data to improve healthcare. 


Ron King, formaly the executive director of the convention center in Dallas, happily takes over for Mark Leahy, who held the center's top job since its opening in 2013.  On Ron's first visit to the Cleveland area, he was so impressed, he decided not to leave.  He believes that the 4 year old convention center is still yound, and it is off to a good start. 



Hal Wolf, the new CEO of HIMSS has chaged the HIMSS tag line from “transforming health through information technology” to “transforming health through information and technology”.  Hal believea that adding the word "and"  to his organization’s mission statement will go a long way toward positioning HIMSS for the future.




John T Donnelly, MS, MBA, CPHIMS; IHE USA Program Manager, Plug-a-thons; President, IntePro Solutions explores in his blog the four Plug-a-thon tracks that have been identified for inclusion during the IHE North American (NA) Connectathon 2018:

Devices on FHIR®: Jan. 16-17, 2018 .

Internet of Things - Medical: Jan. 16-17, 2018

Blockchain - Healthcare: Jan. 17-18, 2018

mHealth: January 17-18, 2018


Silicon Valley’s Plug and Play has announced a three-year partnership with Cleveland Clinic and JumpStart.  The partnership will create an accelerator based on biotech and digital health innovation at the Global Center for Health Innovation.




Cuyahoga County Convention Facilities Development Corporation (CCCFDC) has annouced that BioEnterprise will devise and implement the Global Center for Health Innovation's strategic plan. In addition to the strategic plan, BioEnterprise will also take the lead in marketing, programming and tenant engagement activities for the Global Center.


On October 21 & 22nd, the third annual Cleveland Medical Hackathon will take place at HIMSS Innovation Center in Cleveland OH.  This year the focus will be on precision medicine, population health, public health and the opioid crisis.  

Teams of designers, engineers, doctors, nurses, students, researchers, and community members will come together in order to address a specific topic.  Once the teams have come up with a strategy, they will pitch their idea to a panel of judges for the chance to win prizes.  






Icelandair will be flying in and out of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, starting in May.  There will be 4 flights a week between Hopkins and Keflavik International airport (Iceland).  This addition to the flights in and out of Cleveland will connect Cleveland travelers to more than two dozen cities, including Paris, London, and Frankfurt.  




The Huntington Convention announced today that Ron King, executive director for the Dallas Convention Center, is now the general manager of the downtown Cleveland Convention Center. 




Inc. Magazine recently recognized Direct Consulting Associates as one of the fastest growing companies in America in 2017.




Direct Consulting Associates has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in America in 2017.



The RNC is being said to be the rocket fuel that Greater Cleveland needed to jumpstart the downtown tourism and increase visitors and revenue. 

The shorterm benefits where not as profitable as expected, but according to the community leaders they believe that due to the positive publicity, accelerated civic projects and an expected increase in business and convention leads — made hosting the RNC worth the effort.


Cleveland, once know as the "Mistake on the Lake" is no longer being called that.  There have been a lot of new attractions added to the city as well as the surrounding cities to entice visitors to spend time in the area. 



It has been almost four years since the Global Center for Health Innovation (GCHI) (aka the medical mart) in downtown Cleveland opened its doors. The GCHI is part of a $465 million taxpayer-paid complex that includes the Huntington Convention Center and the Hilton Cleveland Hotel. There has been modifications along the way and still more to follow. The HIMSS Innovation Center is busy hosting events, but other than that, the GCHI is not being seen as a win for taxpayers of Cuyahoga County.


HIMSS Innovation Center, located at the Global Center for Health Innovation, is keeping busy with hosting over 450 event since opening in 2014. HIMSS (Health Information Management System Society) leases the 4th of the Global Center for Health Innovation, and according to John Paganini, the HIMSS Center's senior manager for interoperability initiatives, the center averages 1,000 visitors a month. In addition to the HIMSS Innovation Center, there are startup business's looking to grow and be successful NEO business's.


ErieHack Water Innovation Summit concluded on May 2nd in Cleveland, Ohio.  This summit wa aimed at creating solutions to what is ailing in the waters of Lake Erie.  The winning team, Micro Buoy, was from Wayne State University in Detroit MI.  They walked away with $50,000 in cash and business-support services to apply to their enviromental innovation.


At last week’s Medical Capital Innovation Competition at the HIMSS Innovation Center, in Cleveland, Ohio, I experienced a fascinating coincidence! 

Wow! What A Coincidence! Or Was It Really A Coincidence?

The coincidence? The day before the winners were chosen, I tweeted exactly two selfies with contestants and myself. When the winners were announced, they were the folks in my selfies! According to my rusty combinatoric probability calculating skills, there was less than a two percent chance picking the actual, ultimate winners out of a hat containing 27 potential winners. 


Cleveland has invested approximately $3.5 billion in visitor-related infrastructure development and in the process is fueling the growth of meetings and conventions. With a new convention center, new and renovated hotels and a hopping arts and culture scene make it very inviting to visit.


After months of preparation and coaching, six winners (three from an open division and three from a collegiate division) at the inaugural medical Capital Innovation Competition were chosen on the afternoon of April 26 at the Global Center for Health Innovations.


"The Medical Capital Innovation Completion" is to the Medical Innovation world is what new ideas and gadgets are to 'Shark Tank'. 27 teams competed against each other all vying for cash and prizes amounting to over $100,000.


The next wave of high-value start-ups and the good-paying jobs they create may be an outcome from among the 27 teams, 5 collegiate and 22 professional taking part in the inaugural medical capital innovation competition held on May 25and 26th at The Global Center for Health Innovation in downtown Cleveland.


ErieHack Innovation Summit was created to seek solutions to some of Lake Erie's biggest problems. Teams from Detroit, Windsor, Toledo, Cleveland and Buffalo are competing for thousands of dollars in cash and consulting services


27 teams from around the world will compete at a two-day event at the HIMSS Innovation Center in Cleveland OH. Teams will present their ideas for using big data to solve critical healthcare issues.


On April 19th at the Huntington Convention Center, Executive Armond Budish discussed various Cuyahoga County services and programs that will be expanded through several partnerships at his recent State of the County address.  


"All Things Data in Healthcare" will have twenty-seven professional and collegiate teams competing at the inaugural Medical Capital Innovation Competition on April 25-26, 2017 at the Global Center for Health Innovation in Cleveland OH.


27 teams from around the globe will convene at HIMSS Innovation Center and the Global Center for Health Innovation on April 25 & 26. Teams will share their latest innovations in health IT and complete against each other for cash and prizes. The winning Open Division team will receive $50,000 in cash and the winning Collegiate Division team will receive $6,000 in cash. Along with the monetary prize, there are other benefits that will be extended to the winning teams such; as mentoring and access to world-class healthcare systems and collaborators. The Open division team will also receive the opportunity to demonstrate innovation at the HIMSS18 Conference, March 2018 in Las Vegas, NV.


David Gilbert, president of Destination Cleveland, is hoping to capitalize on the "That's what we aspire to" banners that were display throughout the city in 2016 into making Cleveland an "It" city.  


“Hackathons” are widespread throughout the world: weekend-long events aimed at solving a problem with technology and new software. Teams form, develop an idea, and present it all in a couple of days. An event called Erie Hack is doing just that, but a little differently. It’s a months-long competition focused on finding solutions to Lake Erie’s biggest problems, including toxic algal blooms that can contaminate drinking water. It’s the first time a Great Lake has ever been “hacked.”


The Huntington Park Garage is undergoing an extensive structural repair and replacement of its fire suppression system and elevators.  What started off as a $20 million project is now a $23.5 million project due to widespread concrete and underlying steel reinforcement issues. 

The Huntington Park Garage is used by employees and visitors to the Justice Center, Cuyahoga County Courthouse, the convention center and the Hilton Cleveland Downtown Hotel.


Cleveland is ranked in the top five for being best eqiupped in hosting productive, seamless business travel experience. Making the top 20, Detroit, Phoenix, Cleveland, Minneapolis and Denver make up the top five mostproductive cities. Cleveland ranked second in on-time flights, first in low traffic congestion and tied with Detroit for fifth place in 4G LTE coverage.


2016 was certainly a incredible year in Cleveland.  With the RNC, World Series, the Monsters American Hockey League Calder Cup and the Cavs winning the NBA Finals it is estimated that there was $260 million economic impact to the city. 

Now that we have settled into 2017, Cleveland needs to sustain the momentum.  "“Most importantly, we cannot become complacent,” says Michael Deemer, executive vice president of business development for the Downtown Cleveland Alliance (DCA).  “We’ve had boom and bust cycles in the past. We must recognize the work we are doing, but keep working with partners.”


David Gilbert, president and CEO of Destination Cleveland explains that in order to sustain the cities momentum, "We have to work our tails off" and work towards many smaller meetings and conventions, increase leisure travlers and increase the overall visitor experience.


The Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland and Global Center for Health Innovation features an all-encompassing technology package with internet speeds that are 20 times faster than the average internet connection.

Ranking among the most technologically advanced convention centers in the world, its network is capable of hosting 15,000 devices at speeds of 1 billion bits per second.

In preparation for the 2016 Republican National Convention, 144 new fiber optic lines were installed at the Convention Center.


Destination Cleveland released three new marketing videos at its annual meeting Thursday, including a new anthem featuring clips from the city's banner year in 2016.

"Come Together", the video includes clips from the Republican National Convention, the Cavs championship game and parade, the Indians, Cleveland Museum of Art, Lake Erie Monsters, Cleveland Metroparks and more. The city's Contemporary Youth Orchestra provides the musical backdrop, playing the Beatles' "Come Together.”

"Faces of Tourism", which features employees in Cleveland's tourism industry talking about why they love what they do.

"What We Do", which explains the complicated business of boosting tourism in Cleveland.


After the outstanding year Cleveland had in 2016, it's going to be difficult to keep up with the momentium.  There are goals to increase the number of tourist,  20 million visitors by 2020, up from the 17.5 million who came to Northeast Ohio in 2015.

During the recent Destination Cleveland annual meeting at Severance Hall, Dan Gilbert and board chairman Dan Walsh, CEO of Citymark Capital, threw a lot of numbers at the crowd, numbers that painted a picture of an organization that was hitting well above its weight class in 2016.


Lev Gonick is the co-founder and chief executive of DigitalC, is hoping to help organizations with the use of DataSmart boot camps that will help them use their data to make better decisions.


On April 25 and 26th, 2017 the Medical Capital Innovation Competition will take place at The Global Center for Health Innovation (GCHI).  This event is a collaboration of Cuyahoga County, BioEnterprise, and the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS).  First of its kind at the Global Center is inviting professional and collegiate teams to bring their big data ideas to the center for a chance at $100,000 in prizes.


Mike Maczuzak, founder of SmartShape, took a walk of a lifetime, he walked across america! The reason was, because he could! Feeling confident that his staff at SmartShape Design was able to take charge, he decided to set off and walk across america.  He sucessfully walked 15 states (3,600 milkes) in 4 months.

Continue reading about his fasinating journey


Ohio has not typically been in the forefront of a meeting planners mind until recently.  Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati are making strides in raising the Buckeye State's profile convention meeting planners. 


Cleveland Hopkins airport served 13.29 million passengers in the year 2000. After the loss of United Airlines hub, the airport hit a low of 7.61 million passengers in 2014. The numbers are now slowly increasing with passengers served in 2016 at 8.42 million.


Chris Kennedy, a Democratic Businessman recently stated that he is going to run for Illinois Governor in 2018. 



Advisory Board Experts take a look at the progress that has been made in the last 12 month on how widespread health data can help hospitals better serve patients and address interoperabilty.                 


Toby Cosgrove, CEO of Cleveland Clinic, is in the 13th year of leading the region's largest hospital system. He has had numerous offers along the way, but has chosen to stay in Cleveland because there are still too many things for him to accomplish.


After the RNC announced that it had chosen Cleveland for its RNC Host City, another big announcement was made: The American Bus Association (ABA) was bringing its convention to Cleveland, too. The American Bus Association is known for bringing lots of business to city’s that they find interesting, and they tend to have repeat business over and over again.


Clevland has truely turned into "Believeland".  Over the course of the last 6 months they have held a National Republican Convention, won the NBA Champtionship, held an amazing championship parade, and to top it off, a World Series matchup with the Chicago Cubs.  



2016 has been a great year for Northeast Ohio.  Listed in this article are the top 10 government and economic development stories of the year.


Two new hotels have opened in the Greater Cleveland area in the last month.  The first being the Home2 Suites by Hilton in Independence and the Four Points Cleveland Airport.  With these two new hotels, the total new hotels for the area is at eleven.  


One would never guess that on the backside of the Huntington Convention Center is a quarter-acre enclave that is home to three hogs, twelve chickens, thirteen beehives and fresh produce.   It does exist and thrives in the summer months right in the heart of downtown Cleveland.


Ohio has a great selection of affordable cities.  First on the list is Greater Columbus Convention Center, in the heart of downtown Columbus.  Next on the list of go to cities is Cleveland, the Huntington Convention Center in also in the heart of the city and the city boosts 5,000 hotel rooms in the downtown area alone. 

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MetroHealth System has already opened 10 new locations in addition to providing care at another 20 facilities in the last three years.  They are hoping by the year 2022, the new building will replace the towers now on W. 25th. 


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According to Destination Cleveland, more meeting and convention planners are reaching out to bring their shows to Cleveland. 



Accelerate 2017: Citizens Make Change is accepting pitches through December 9th.  Any person with an idea to improve the community can enter. 


Cleveland has certinly revolved over the years.  The city was once known as a scrappy Midwest industrial town, is now full of fresh energy thoughout the ever extanding urban centers. 


Take a minute and watch this fantastic video

Also feel free to use it when answering the question: “Why Cleveland?”

Downtown Cleveland – One More Time

Featuring scenes from Cleveland's championship year.


Read about the reasons why Peter Lane Taylor thinks that the Midwest is quickly becoming the next Silcion Valley his story from Forbes Magazine.





CLEVELAND, Ohio --  Accelerate 2017: Citizens Make Change, presented in partnership with Citizens Bank, is your chance to act on your idea to improve Northeast Ohio.


Pitches will be accepted in five categories:

1. Community Change

2. Economic and Workforce Development

3. Education

4. Quality of Life

5. Transformative Arts and Culture


Full story can be found here



Cleveland Clinic will hosted it's annual Medical Innovation Summit from Oct. 24 - 26th.   This Summit brought together over 1,500 medical and technology experts to discuss healthcare innovations.


Innovative environments, design and manufacturing — in each, Cleveland has a quiet power. You can live in Cleveland for years and not know just how big a player the city is in modern-day product and service development.  Here are the top four reasons why Cleveland is the perfect place to create:

  1. Cleveland has an incredible history of innovative efforts
  2. Cleveland encourages collaboration to move industries forward
  3. Cleveland has a strong manufacturing presence
  4. Cleveland creates opportunities to educate and inspire tomorrow's product producers

When the Republicians decided to bring their convention to Cleveland, the city opened it's doors and welcome visitors with open arms. Cleveland was ready for a high-profile event to showcase its turnaround, and perfect timing to show off the new convention center. With the light of the media being put on Cleveland, more and more visitors are exploring bringing their business here.


Since landing the National Republic Conventation, Cleveland has attracted hundreds of events to host their meetings at the Huntington Convention Center.


Vice President of HIIMSS, Carla Smith is a healthcare information technology champion.  Carla started off on the board of HIMSS in 2001and has since moved up to become the Vice President of HIMSS.  She will serve as moderator for “Breaking the Glass Ceiling session at the Summit of the Southeast in Nashville, September 14.





Times are changing and Cleveland is on the rebound.  No more "mistake on the lake" or "the burning river city"... give it a rest, Cleveland is coming back around.

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The RNC kicks off it's National Convention in Cleveland, OH on July 18th. 

Events taking place from the Q, down to the Global Center for Health Innovation and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.




Dr. C. Martin Harris, Carla Smith, Jeff Huynh, Warren Selman and Rep. Barbara Sears will address the rapid changes in Healthcare reform and fiscal restraint during a morning session at the HIMSS Innovation Center on July 18th, 2016 from 9:00am- 11:30am. 

A collaboration of over 30 Global Center for Health Innovation tenant partners have worked to develop this education program during the past six months and promises to be enlightening to all those that attend.

Primary Audience: RNC state delegates, political leaders and media members.  ONLY CREDENTIALED individuals will be allowed to attend this session at the Global Center.


Cleveland is now leading the way in Biomedical technologies as well as being a nucleus for global health innovations.  Cleveland now has over 700 bioscience companies in addition to clinical, research and educational institutions. 


All of the NEO medical systems are collaborating to ensure that the Republican Nation Convention Delegates, Staffers, Media and Visitors are all taken care of with various health needs.   Each major health system is taking on one major location each. 


As more and more consumers take an active role in their health care management.  Alego Health has developed technology solutions and training for clinicians to interact with their patients.  

Patient data must contain quality information in order to produce the best clinical decisions.
HIMSS joins various other healthcare experts in saying that CMS needs to expand its scope of MACRA interoperability measures.
Entrepreneurship in the Greater Cleveland and in Ohio in general has made Ohio No. 1 for growth rate in the middle-market firms. The startup growth rate in 2015 was 40 percent and in 2016 it jumped up to 72 percent.
The new downtown Cleveland Hilton held it's grand opening today. Armond Budish, Cuyahoga County Executive and Mayor Frank Jackson welcomed a crowd of over 300 people into the Hilton for a welcoming reception inside the new Hilton.
Cleveland's population is on the rebound. Over the 10 years from 2000 - 2010, Cleveland lost 17 percent of it's population. Downtown Cleveland resident population has grown 80 percent since 2000. Currently 14,000 residents call Downtown their home currently, it is projected that by 2018 that number could easily top 18,000.
The hearing also included witness statements from Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society North America (HIMSS) Senior Director of Congressional Affairs Samantha Burch, Atlantic Council Director of Cyber Statecraft Initiative Joshua Corman, CynergisTek, Inc. CEO Mac McMillan, and Intermountain Healthcare VP and CIO Marc Probst, on behalf of College of Healthcare Information Management Executives.

Cleveland makes the top 15 list of great meeting cities.

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Interoperability is getting better, but it still has a way to go. About half of clinicians feel that data isn’t available when and where they needed it.
The city of Cleveland is coming back from the recession, but we are not out of the woods yet. Even though the studies show that more people are living downtown, there are fewer jobs for them than before the recession hit. .
Cleveland has been named to SmartTravel's top 14 places in America You have to visit in 2016.
The Republican National Convention will be putting the national spotlight on Cleveland in 2016.
Cleveland is moving towards becoming The Medical Capital with 390 biomedical startups, investors and over 700 biomedical. This region is a leader in the healthcare industry.
Armond Budish announced plans for the future, and highlighted the initiatives he spearheaded in 2015.
In order to make healthcare more accessible to all consumers, regulations to allow access to records will need to be carefully looked at and possibly reduced.
Hard to Swallow; past, present and future of endoscopic medicine. Dittrick Medical History Center, Museum at Case Western Reserve University and the Global Center for Health Innovation presented the arsenal of tools during the Global Center for Health Innovation's by-monthly Exchanges program held on April 12, 2016.
Northeast Ohio High School students were asked to interpret research preformed by Cleveland Clinic's summer interns in the form of art. The results of their interpretation can be seen in two and three dimensional works of art as well as in poetry and story's.
The DHG Consulting practice for this part of the US announced it has moved its office to downtown Cleveland. The move was a direct result of the positive experience of our partner, DHG Healthcare, in the Global Center. DHG Healthcare will remain in the Global Center. The new office for the DHG Consulting practice represents the addition of 10-12 jobs, at the outset of service.
RelateCare is opening it's third office at the Global Center for Health Innovation. It is quickly becoming the global leader in implementation and design of patient engagement and access solutions.
IHE International's second World Summit is shaping up to influence the world of health IT, bringing together key stakeholders and thought leaders on the topics of standards, interoperability, information exchange and electronic health records.
Clevelanders and all who visit the Global Center for Health Innovation can learn Hands-Only CPR in about five minutes, where a new interactive kiosk will teach this effective bystander CPR skill. The event unveiling the new Kiosk was featured in many media reports.
The First Merit Convention Center will soon become the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland. This will occur before mid-July when Cleveland hosts the Republican National Convention. The changing of the name is effective immediately and most rebranding will occur in the next few weeks.
Cleveland, Ohio-based MetroHealth System has been named a 2015 HIMSS Enterprise Davies Award recipient by the Healthcare Information Management and System Society (HIMSS) for the health system’s use of health information technology (IT) to substantially improve patient outcomes and achieve return on investment.
The Global Center for Health Innovation is fast becoming a premier destination for medical meetings. The HIMSS Innovation Center is noted as bringing together many organization in the health IT industry all over the world.
Cleveland has long been a magnet for medical meetings because it’s home to the Cleveland Clinic, which is basically a city within a city comprised of high-tech medical research facilities and healthcare providers.The Global Center for Health Innovation overlooks Lake Erie and the grass roof of the Cleveland Convention Center. Destination Cleveland.
The Global Center for Health Innovation is World-Class Hub for Medical Meetings. This article on the Convene on Location website describes how Cleveland is evolving into the destination for medical and healthcare conferences.
Hotel development in Cleveland is booming, thanks in part to the city winning the bid for the 2016 RNC, a new convention center and a surging health care sector.
The HIMSS Innovation Center stands as a marquee venue for organizations wishing to build their brands and market their health IT-related services both locally and globally.
Cleveland is Ohio’s second largest city. Known for its sports teams and durable goods, it has experienced some tough times in the past. But now, the city is reinventing itself as America’s healthcare and medical hub.
52 Places to Go in 2015. Untrammeled oases beckon, once-avoided destinations become must-sees and familiar cities offer new reasons to visit.
The culmination of the 15-year journey was recognition from HIMSS Analytics, the research arm of the Chicago-based Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), which earlier this month designated the MetroHealth System as a Stage 7 ambulatory center for the sophistication of its EHRs
Exactly where you want to be. Visit to learn more.
Hilton Downtown Cleveland convention hotel is on track for completion in time for Republican National Convention
Destination: Cleveland - Find out what makes Ohio’s second-largest city and its many meeting venues rock.
Fred DeGrandis named managing director of Global Center for Health Innovation
Direct Consulting Associates Recipient of NEO Success Award
From LeBron to the lake, it's a town on the rebound
How Cleveland landed one coveted medical convention: a step-by-step analysis
Cleveland's still-new Global Center, formerly the medical mart, holds promise for future health-care gatherings
CLEVELAND — New hotels, a redesigned Public Square and preparing for the Republican National Convention; great things are happening in Cleveland.
CLEVELAND, Ohio - Still 15 months away from what tourism officials hope will be Cleveland's starring role during the Republican National Convention, civic leaders on Monday looked beyond 2016 - to 2017 and 2018, promising more big events in the city's future. Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson said it's his goal to land at least one major event every year, something "that brings attention to Cleveland, not just in a regional way, but in a national or international way."
HIMSS is featured in editorial on page 67 aas a unique venue
Travel + Leisure magazine’s editors just announced their list of the 50 Best Places to Travel in 2015 and Cleveland is one of their 50. We are one of only 12 US destinations on the list and the only one in the Midwest!
HIMSS is featured in editorial on page 67 aas a unique venue
The city gets props for its Sustainable Cleveland program -- a city-wide effort to promote energy efficiency, renewable energy, clean air and green space.
SMG, the manager of the Cleveland Convention Center and the Global Center for Health Innovation, is staffing up in anticipation of a boost in booking business now that the Republican Party has said it will bring its 2016 presidential nominating convention to Cleveland.
Not only is LeBron James back in the game…and back to #23... but the entire city of Cleveland is on the rise. With $5.5 billion in Downtown development being planned or coming online between 2010 and today, James only adds to the existing momentum of this vibrant downtown. Here are 23 reasons why Downtown Cleveland is back.
The Cleveland Foundation board of directors today announced the latest in a series of centennial legacy grants commemorating 100 years of impact in Greater Cleveland. At a community event in Public Square, the foundation committed $8 million in a grant to LAND Studio, Inc. for the Group Plan Commission to transform Public Square.
NBC's Kevin Tibbles profiles a city in the midst of a renaissance and ready to welcome Republicans and LeBron James.
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- First came the big news: Cleveland will host the Republican National Convention in 2016.Then came the biggest news of all: the King is coming home
Five of the reasons Cleveland is the entertainment capital you never knew about, ripe for exploration by any traveler adventurous enough to take a chance on it.
Before changing the building's name to the Global Center for Health Innovation, 16 different constituency groups — some in healthcare, some not in healthcare — were consulted. These groups decided more people liked "Global" than "Cleveland," for its broader appeal. They also preferred "Health" or "Healthcare" over "Medical" for the same reasons.
RNC visitors impressed by Cleveland as city hosts technical visit in bid to host 2016 convention.
The Technical Team of the GOP Site Selection committee came and kicked the tires in Cleveland today.
An advance team scouting locations for the 2016 Republican National Convention stopped in Cleveland on Wednesday, April 30. At a brief news conference at the Cleveland Convention Center with Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, the chair of the convention's technical site selection committee, Enid Mickelson, said she was leaving Cleveland "with a favorable impression."
Much dirt already had been tossed before the ceremonial groundbreaking Monday, April 28, for the Cuyahoga County Convention Center Hotel.
The Global Center for Health Innovation is more than just a name: It reflects the standards that its tenants are supposed to strive toward.