Association Of periOperative Registred Nurses (AORN) Nurse Executive Leadership Series

5/12/2015 4:00am, EDT - 12:00pm, EDT

HIMSS Innovation Center


Nurse Executive Leadership Series - Cleveland, OH

The Business of Effectively Managing Perioperative Services in Today’s Healthcare Environment

Effectively balancing the quality and costs of patient care is a priority for all perioperative nurse executives. Although the future of healthcare reform remains uncertain, it’s clear perioperative services must continue to evolve to provide high quality patient care, focused on improving clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction, while also addressing economic realities.

Because the perioperative services department is typically both the largest revenue as well as cost center for many healthcare facilities, improving overall efficiencies in the perioperative areas provides a major opportunity to reduce costs; optimize per-case revenue; manage resources more effectively; and enhance patient, surgeon, and staff satisfaction.

This workshop will:

  • Discuss the impact of the Affordable Care Act on perioperative services.
  • Identify key operational issues related to effective case scheduling.
  • Evaluate solutions for improvements in case scheduling and coordination.
  • Describe how data is used to identify variations between procedures and products.
  • Appraise process improvement success stories in standardization of procedures and products.


Brian Dawson
BD Perioperative & Healthcare Consulsting<
Denver, CO


Judy Pins, MHRD, MBA, BSN, RN 
Healthcare Consultant
Pins Productions
Chicago, IL

Start Time: 7:00 AM
End Time: 3:00 PM

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Nurse Executive Leadership Series - Cleveland, OH

5/12/2015 - 5/12/2015
Global Center for Health Innovation
HIMSS Innovation Center/4th Floor
1 St. Clair Avenue, NE
Cleveland, OH 44114