CLE BrainGate Summit 2016

The 2016 BrainGate Summit was hosted on August 3rd & 4th at the HIMSS Innovation Center in the Global Center for Health Innovation, a natural venue for the interactive scientific workshop. The HIMSS Innovation Center’s innovative environment and atmosphere complimented the agenda and objectives for the event. Forty-five renowned scientists from Case Western Reserve University, University Hospitals, Stanford University, Brown University, and Massachusetts General Hospital spent two days at GCHI sharing current and future visions for the BrainGate project. Attendees were able to listen to presentations from BrainGate leadership, scientists and fellows, and participate in breakout sessions with peers from other institutions. 

BrainGate brings together physicians, scientists and engineers to research efforts in brain-computer technology interfaces. This diverse team develops and tests devices and products that advance the field of neurotechnology. Their research has made strides in a number of areas, including the “de-coding” of the neural signals that control limb movements and the development of wireless medical neurotechnologies to assist in the diagnosis and management of neurologic disease. For more information, visit