Cleveland CAVS fans show their love for their team!


On Wednesday, June 22nd, an estimate 1.3 million Cleveland Caviler fans filled the streets and the area (Mall B) in front the Global Center for Health Innovations.  The parade was due to kick off at 11:30 and wrap up on Mall B by about 1:30 and then the Rally with the CAVS team would take place and everything would be over by 3:00.  Well, best laid plans don’t always work.  Pre Parade estimates were anywhere from 500,000 – 800,000 people, never did anyone think that we would top the million mark and THEN go beyond.  Cleveland has some awesome fans and they certainly showed their CAVS team on this momentous day in NEO!

Fans lined Mall B outside the Innovation glass walls! Est. over 100,000 people waiting to see the team come to the stage and be cheered on!


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