Collaborators’ Corner

Collaborators’ Corner

Companies that choose to become collaborators with HIMSS Innovation & Conference Center have a unique opportunity to demonstrate impact and value to healthcare professionals and consumers as they:

  • Showcase products & leadership at HIMSS state-of-the-art facility in Cleveland
  • Present information and technology solutions live or virtually
  • Host exhibits to increase visibility
  • Benefit from global engagement, continuing education, & year-round healthcare industry exposure

    In “Collaborators’ Corner,” you’ll learn from the experiences and thought leadership of collaborator companies  – and discover how they’re maximizing the value of a collaborative relationship with HIMSS Innovation & Conference Center.


CBTS has focused on taking a technology leadership role in the healthcare industry. Launched nearly 20 years ago, the company serves enterprise and midmarket clients in all industries across the United States, and also in Canada after acquiring OnX Enterprise Solutions in 2017.  From unified communications to cloud services and beyond, CBTS combines deep technical expertise with a full suite of flexible technology solutions to help clients drive business outcomes, improve operational efficiency, mitigate risk, and reduce costs.

Tripp Sills is Vice President and Chief Solution Architect in the Healthcare Practice for CBTS. In his former role as a practice architect for Cisco, Sills helped some of the largest healthcare organizations in the world to gain a competitive edge through technology. He’s excited to see CBTS grow into a national and global organization – with a priority to create better solutions for the healthcare industry.


Dustin Leek is Vice President and Principal in the CBTS Healthcare Practice and was a former CBTS customer when he was Vice President of IT for a Florida healthcare system. He was attracted to CBTS’s proven excellence in healthcare technology – and the opportunity to support the company’s focus on understanding issues faced by leadership.


HIMSS:  CBTS creates solutions to address specific problems in healthcare. What trends do you see on the horizon?

CBTS:  We see healthcare organizations continuing to be challenged by these big issues:

- Financial models for acquiring technology. Technology solutions continue to move toward subscription models. That places strain on healthcare IT departments budgets as healthcare organizations look for ways to “hold the line” on expense. Additionally, capital expenditure models may no longer exist for technologies required to meet the business requirements. That’s forcing healthcare organizations to find operational funding or accept a suboptimal solution simply because of the funding model.


- Skills shortages. Healthcare IT departments are struggling to find appropriately skilled resources. The skills shortage will continue to impact a department’s ability to respond to the organization’s needs. CIOs will need to lean heavily on contracted resources if the appropriate skillset doesn’t exist locally or within their existing teams.


- Big Data. Healthcare organizations have spent the last decade digitizing the electronic health record and are now working to unlock the value of the data.


HIMSS: How does CBTS address these issues and help advance the digital health ecosystem?

CBTS:  It’s extremely important for us to understand healthcare semantics and internal pressures. That way we can help healthcare organizations to evangelize the solutions they need in order to provide better services to providers and patients. We help them shift the healthcare IT model from reactive to proactive – and show their value to non-IT leadership. That’s a big gap across the country – understanding both business and technology so leaders can make educated decisions.


Infrastructure is a core strength at CBTS. We have an ‘engineers first’ approach. When CBTS brings in a sales team, we also have engineers in tow. We believe healthcare organizations want smart, skilled people who can talk with a CEO as well as a network engineer, a server engineer, and an applications team for an electronic health record (EHR) system.

HIMSS: What's your vision for future solutions to new challenges or trends in the healthcare industry?

CBTS:  We believe HIMSS members need to balance their focus between the clinical and technical, leveraging both of the HIMSS Analytics Maturity Models -- the EMRAM (Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model) and INFRAM (Infrastructure Adoption Model) as a guide for increasing information and technology capabilities.

In the CBTS healthcare practice, we work directly with customers to modify existing and build new technology solutions that meets their needs. In direct response to our customers’ requests, we offer both capital expenditure and operational expenditure solutions.

HIMSS: What business value have you found in a formal “collaborator” relationship with HIMSS?


CBTS:  We’ve long recognized the importance of HIMSS in the healthcare industry. HIMSS is so well-respected in the industry. It’s absolutely a no-brainer to partner with HIMSS. It’s a way for us to give back by sharing with HIMSS what we see, as well as gain a collaborative partner.


At CBTS, we see the HIMSS Innovation & Conference Center as a venue to get our customers and potential customers out of their daily grind to see displays of not only our own technology but to show them other technologies as well – to help them figure out the best fit for their own organization. We also like the realistic demo opportunities in the center where operations can be tested within actual workflows.


We’re excited to use the HIMSS infrastructure models as a guide for proactively advising customers on their technology spend. Partnering with HIMSS gives our customers more confidence in us. A lot of them invest time and money in HIMSS in testing for EHRs over the past ten years. Now the main goal is to take it to the next level and create the infrastructure to make it more available to patients and providers.


HIMSS: Do you have plans to maximize your HIMSS collaborator relationship?

CBTS:  We’ve mainly used the HIMSS Innovation & Conference Center for meetings, events, conferences and client training sessions. But we plan to increase that in the coming year. The CBTS sales team hopes to attend HIMSS analytics training and potentially host client events. We want to expand our continuing education by having staff attend more events at the Innovation Center -- with industry peers and experts brought in by HIMSS.


CBTS hopes to grow and transition along with the Innovation Center – and maximize what’s available at this great facility. We’d like to begin to have roundtable discussions about what’s top of mind with CIOs in technology and trends in the industry.


We’d also like to branch out and bring in nursing leadership, medical officers and CFOs, to get more integrated with the business side of the house -- so they understand the value they get when purchasing technology. That’s the theme in the industry today.



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