Crowdsourcing for Health Innovation

New approaches to healthcare technology – from interoperability and electronic health records to blockchain – signal the industry is catching on to the philosophy that some of the best ideas come from outside your network.

This is why we’re seeing energy and momentum around the notion of crowdsourcing, explained Adam Culbertson, HIMSS innovator in residence.

“The world of crowdsourcing understands that no matter how innovative your company is, the collective talent of the crowd always exceeds the talent purely internal to the company,” Culbertson said.

As the HIMSS innovator in residence, part of Culbertson’s focus is to bring partners across industry together so they can take different ideas and fuse them together into a new idea.

“By leveraging some of the great work that’s being done in healthcare and sharing that with other industries, innovators outside the field can understand what’s happening in the world of healthcare and then build on it, becoming part of the changing healthcare ecosystem,” added Culbertson.


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