HIMSS Cybersecurity Hub Marketing Toolkit Available for Sponsors

Is cybersecurity high on your priority list? If the answer is yes, data research is validating your concerns. According to the “Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis” by IBM/Ponemon, the average global cost per lost or stolen record containing confidential and sensitive data is $154. The industry with the highest cost per stolen record is healthcare, at $363 per record.

If you find these numbers alarming, consider aligning your organization with the HIMSS Cybersecurity Hub. HIMSS is pleased to introduce the Cybersecurity Hub Marketing Toolkit – one of many benefits for Cybersecurity Hub sponsors – which allows sponsors to promote their organizations by inserting their names, logos and other copy into Cybersecurity Hub marketing materials.

The HIMSS Cybersecurity Hub debuted at the HIMSS Innovation Center in October 2016 and is a permanent exhibit on the fourth floor of the Global Center for Health Innovation in Cleveland, Ohio. The Cybersecurity Hub is an immersive learning environment that focuses on the protection of health data and is the ideal place for organizations to showcase their current and emerging innovations.