5 Ways to Differentiate Your Organization with Social Media | HIMSS Cybersecurity Hub

1. Create content and conversation.

Great social media content:

  • Puts the needs of your audience before your own
  • Is non-promotional
  • Invites responses by asking questions
  • Shares provocative, thought-leading insights
  • Focuses on the value of health IT
  • Celebrates the health IT community and its progress
  • Has a clear and engaging call-to-action

2. Listen for and observe audience expectations, concerns and interests.

Be sure to pay attention to:
  • The official hashtag for the event on Twitter and Facebook: #HITsecurity
  • HIMSS’s social media communications for the event via LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

3. Be present and active.

Be engaged and active in your social presence to reach a larger health IT audience and influencers:

  • Listen and contribute to the greater #HITsecurity conversation as it unfolds on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

4. Start a dialogue.

Leverage the HIMSS Cybersecurity Hub to create a dialogue with your audience.  Start a discussion via your LinkedIn group, host a Google+ Hangout, have a discussion on your Facebook pager, or host a Twitter chat.

Good conversations require you to:

  • Connect with your audience’s needs before your own
  • Listen and be open-minded
  • Be responsive
  • Be sincere and genuine
  • Show gratitude

5. Create and share a video.

Share your perspective on key industry topics by creating a video.  Shoot a short video and share it via social channels prior, during and after the event using the #HITsecurity hashtag.

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