Enabling Meetups for Open Source Innovation

Inaugural Docker Meetup

(Novemer 17, 2016) The HIMSS Innovation Center was proud to host the first Cleveland Docker Meetup.  The focus of the event was a hands-on lab session where attendees were taught how to use the Docker tools.  The event began with a short introduction about the Docker tools, followed by 90 minutes of self-paced exercises. Training exercises were available for both beginner and intermediate-level Docker users. Advanced Docker users were on-site to assist attendees as needed.

Topics covered at the meetup ranged from the simple "How do I create an image containing a web server?" to "How do I test a system of several separate containers, including a web server, a database, and a services layer."  The event was hosted by Thomas Callahan, Watson Health Architect Engineer at IBM who considered the event a great success. For more information on the Docker Cleveland group, visit their site.

What is Docker?

Docker is an open source project that assists in packaging, deploying, and automating Linux applications.  Docker uses open interfaces and standards to enable simplified customization. Software developers and operations staff can use Docker to create an "image" of a software application that can then be run in any environment, from a developer's laptop to a production website.  Tooling around in Docker includes items, such as Docker Compose, which allows a user to integrate several software components together.  The Docker platform can run on Windows, Windows Server, Linux, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

A Home for Innovation

The HIMSS Innovation Center serves as a venue for these types of meetings. Meetups have become a common type of meeting and are usually held in the early evening hours. Over the last three years, the HIMSS Innovation Center Conference Center has hosted over 350 meetings.  The types of meetings range from a small board meeting in the Welcome Area to a 400 attendee meeting that utilizes the entire facility.   Please contact the HIMSS Innovation Center for more info.

Photo credit: OSCON: Incremental Revolution - What Docker learned from the open-source firehouse. Docker, Inc. 2016