Excel TECC Information Technology & Programming visits the HIMSS Innovation Center

On October 9th 2017, the HIMSS Innovation Center at the Global Center for Health Innovation in Cleveland, hosted the (ITP) Class of 2018.It was an amazing day of discovery for a group of 27 future IT professionals enrolled in a College Tech Prep—Career-Technical Education Program.Prior to this experience, virtually none of our students had any idea of the professional I.T. opportunities that existed in the Healthcare Industry and how integrated the I.T. Industry and Healthcare Industry truly is.Thank you to our gracious hosts, presenters and guides:Leslie Evans, Director of the HIMSS Innovation Center; Heidi Lamb, Coordinator of Interoperability Initiatives; James Coates, Senior Manager, Technical Projects at HIMSS; John Sharp, Senior Manager of Personal Connected Health Alliance, and the staff of the Global Center for Health Innovation.It was an amazing experience and look forward to returning soon.

Ron Suchy, ITP Instructor

Excel TECC/Mayfield High School