HIMSS Cybersecurity Hub – FAQs

Where is the HIMSS Cybersecurity Hub located?

The HIMSS Cybersecurity Hub is a 30,000 square-foot area within the HIMSS Innovation Center. In fact, the fourth floor of the Global Center for Health Innovation is known as the health IT floor. Here, as the only tenant, HIMSS presents the Innovation Center, and now, features the HIMSS Cybersecurity Hub.

Why is it in Cleveland, Ohio?

HIMSS established its presence in 2013 as an anchor exhibitor at the Global Center for Health Innovation. Now described as the Medical Capital, Cleveland bases its moniker on a vibrant biomedical industry with 700+ companies across 21 counties in Northeast Ohio region. Cleveland is the center of that activity. 

Some of the biomedical companies in those 21 Northeast Ohio counties include:

  • Charles River Labs
  • Medtronic
  • IBM Watson Health, and many more

In addition, Cleveland is home to world-renowned clinical, research and education institutions such as the Cleveland Clinic, Metro Health, Case Western Reserve University, University Hospitals and many others.

Cleveland named as one of the top 10 cities in the U.S. for medical innovation.

What is the Cybersecurity Hub?

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The HIMSS Cybersecurity Hub, a new flagship exhibit of the HIMSS Innovation Center, reveals to all visitors how they can apply a variety of technologies to impact the safe and secure flow of health information.

As the entry point to the robust HIMSS portfolio of cybersecurity and privacy resources and content, the Cybersecurity Hub is both a public exhibit and education center to help people fully understand their specific roles, responsibilities and vulnerabilities when it comes to managing and protecting their health information, personally and professionally. 

Now, that I have the definition, explain to me exactly how it works?

HIMSS is equipping individuals and organizations to address cybersecurity challenges head-on at the interactive Cybersecurity Hub. The immersive learning environment makes the Hub unique, because it’s aimed at de-mystifying the evolving cyber threat landscape for executives, healthcare providers, IT professionals, policymakers and the general public.

Now, that I have the definition, explain to me exactly how it works?

This first-of-its-kind, in-person exhibit provides visitors with the opportunity to interact with a series of standalone interactive modules, where they will be presented with various security-related scenarios and guided through different vendor solutions for addressing the challenges. The multi-sensory journey demonstrates how various points of care connect through electronic data, the security risks that can be encountered and the latest solutions designed to mitigate risk.

What will I see?

Meet cyber super hero H. Cymon in her introduction to the HIMSS Cybersecurity Hub. She is the on-screen persona who guides visitors through the three cybersecurity scenarios:

Advanced attacks: Spear phishing and Structured Query Language or S.Q.L. injection, also known as sequel injection.

spear phishing attack targets individuals in an organization via e-mail.  These individuals may be tricked into opening malicious content or revealing sensitive information to the cybercriminal. 

sequel injection attack allows a cybercriminal to query or send a command to a sequel database via user input to a web application.

Data breaches:  Data breaches can occur in a variety of ways, such as with employees, cybercriminals, thieves, dumpster divers, and others.

Ransomware attacks: Ransomware is a type of malware that restricts access to a computer system or device and demands that a ransom is paid in order to regain access to the system and its data.

Ransomware attacks can quickly compromise the availability, integrity, privacy and confidentiality of information.

A healthcare organization’s ability to care for its patients may be compromised as a result of a ransomware attack.

How do people access the environment? Why should I visit this in person?

People access this environment by walking through this immersive experience led by H. Cymon. That means visitors have a personalized experience where, using the touch screen, they can literally experience how and why cybersecurity attacks occur. Then, again through the technology in use at the HIMSS Cybersecurity Hub, they will see what H. Cymon recommends as solutions from IT vendors and security experts to the cybersecurity challenges presented.

Who should visit the HIMSS Cybersecurity Hub?

The HIMSS Cybersecurity Hub offers benefits to many different audiences.

Healthcare providers and executive administrators will find proven health IT security solutions at work and thus, have more information to invest confidently.

Provider IT generalists and specialists will discover how to keep your IT department a step ahead of cyber threats and breaches; information that can help you build a compelling case for upgrading your organization’s health data security.

Healthcare vendors can be part of the HIMSS Cybersecurity Hub by putting your cybersecurity solutions in front of a highly qualified healthcare audience, thus improving the ROI from your marketing dollars as one of our partners/vendors at the Hub.

Consumers and patients will find out how to ensure a healthier, more secure future for yourselves and your families, as you learn how the safe, secure exchange of health data impacts your personal health.

How is the HIMSS Cybersecurity Hub different from existing products?

Driven by HIMSS content: The HIMSS Cybersecurity Hub is driven by actionable content developed primarily by HIMSS content experts. Educational materials are available as well through a kiosk that is continually updated with new materials from HIMSS, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology and other sources. The Hub is a permanent location in the HIMSS Innovation Center.

Driven by vendor IT solutions and education: The HIMSS Cybersecurity Command Center, at HIMSS17 (in Orlando, Florida from Feb. 19-23,) is a vendor-driven exhibit. The vendors participating in the Command Center present their IT solutions and education sessions on the conference exhibit floor.

Why is cybersecurity important to healthcare providers as well as patients and the general public?

Have you noticed the growing number of data breaches being reported by healthcare organizations and the media?

Breaches can result from hacking, theft, loss, unauthorized access and disclosure, and improper disposal of information. Understanding how breaches of electronic health data can happen and recognizing the available solutions is key to what the HIMSS Cybersecurity Hub offers.

In other words, understanding why and how data breaches happen, and then, what to do about them, is important to all of us.

Where can I find more information about cybersecurity?

Here are other sources of information on this topic.

For more information, visit:


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