HIMSS Dictionary of Health Information and Technology Terms, Acronyms and Organizations, Fifth Edition

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The newest edition of the HIMSS bestselling Dictionary of Health Information Technology Terms, Acronyms, and Organizations has been developed and curated by subject matter experts from across the healthcare industry. The fifth edition of this dictionary serves as a quick and accessible reference for healthcare executives, health information technology professionals and students to better navigate the ever-growing health IT landscape.

This valuable resource includes more than 3,400 entries. Updated definitions of terms for the information technology and clinical, medical and nursing informatics fields are included. This edition also features an acronyms list with cross references to current definitions, word-search capability (e-book version only), and a list of health IT-related associations and organizations, including mission statements and web addresses. Academic and certification credentials are incorporated as well.


  • Revised and updated terms for the health IT ecosystem
  • Includes quick-reference acronym list
  • Includes a list of healthcare organizations and credentials that focus on the intersection of healthcare, information and technology
  • Word-search capability (e-book version)


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