HIMSS Perspectives on CMS Innovation Center New Directions

In a letter to the Administrator for the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Seema Verma, HIMSS provided our membership thoughts on the CMS Innovation Center New Direction Request for Information (RFI).

As CMS looks to forge a new direction through the Guiding Principles which were presented in the RFI, HIMSS offered to help CMS reach its goals of testing innovative payment and service delivery models while enhancing the quality of care for individuals. HIMSS supports the Innovation Center’s Guiding Principle on choice and competition which is critical to promote competition and choice in the market based on quality, outcomes, and costs, as true competition and choice can only happen when patients are fully engaged.

HIMSS notes that empowering patients and their families to take ownership of their health and ensure that they have the flexibility and information to make choices as they seek care across the care continuum is critical to transforming our healthcare system.

HIMSS asks the Innovation Center to encourage the use of standards for price transparency at the point of decision-making, to include orders and referrals, and be used by patients and providers with an initial emphasis on prescription medication pricing. HIMSS encourages the Innovation Center to promote and test new models that utilize health care professionals in addition to physicians, such as nurses and pharmacists. Outcomes are improved when the entire patient care team works collaboratively, thus ensuring success of Innovation Center models in meeting the goal of providing patient-centric care throughout the continuum of care.

The full letter is available here.