HIMSS Revenue Cycle Improvement (RCI) Task Force; meeting of the minds at the Innovation Center


On Sept. 20, the HIMSS Revenue Cycle Improvement Task Force met at the HIMSS Innovation Center to continue its work on The Patient Financial Experience of the Future.  Task force Chair, Bird Blitch, spoke on the key underpinnings of the work the task force is doing, and identified beliefs about the future state of healthcare that will support the task force’s vision. 

The task force’s beliefs about the future of healthcare are as follows:

  • wide-spread, fully functioning electronic health information exchange and adoption of a consistent approach to patient matching;
  • healthcare price transparency;
  • uniform quality of care metrics;
  • one central “source of truth” for distribution of patient satisfaction surveys and a standardized process for sharing results with affected parties;
  • Technology will fully support sharing of information among providers, payers, financial institutions, and consumers to support shared decision making;
  • Reimbursement methodologies will not complicate the patient financial experience.

There were three break-out sessions during the meeting:

Gap Analysis Work Group

Earlier this year the task force delivered a white paper on the technical functionality gaps that exist today between current state and the task force’s vision related to the way the patient interacts with the healthcare system.  They are now focused on conducting a similar analysis from the primary care provider’s perspective.  The group used their time in Cleveland to get a jump-start on this analysis.    The intent of the analysis is to identify the technical functionality required for each activity a physician is responsible for performing under the task force vision, call out known or perceived gaps between current state and future vision; recognize organizations/solutions that may be in place today that partially or completely close these gaps but are not widely recognized; and, finally, identify opportunities associated with gaps that are not currently being addressed.

Microsite 2.0 Work Group

During HIMSS16 the task force unveiled a microsite that demonstrates the Patient Financial Experience of the Future, following a middle-aged woman through an unexpected episode of care.  The group is now enhancing the microsite to allow visitors the opportunity to follow this episode of care through the eyes of the patient or through the eyes of the hospital.  The new version of the microsite will be unveiled at HIMSS17.

HIMSS17 Revenue Cycle Improvement Interoperability Showcase Vignette Participants

RCI Interoperability Showcase Vignette will focus on the story illustrated in the microsite noted above, or a similar story, depicting the task force’s vision for the Patient Financial Experience of the Future and solutions that exist today that will help us realize that vision.  During the break-out sessions, Showcase participants explored roles and responsibilities and began developing a work plan for executing the Showcase.

Next Steps:

  • Gap Analysis work group will have bi-weekly meetings;
  • Microsite work group will approve final script;
  • HIMSS Interoperability staff will assign Project Manager to RCI Interoperability Showcase vignette; once Project Manager assigned group will begin regular planning meetings
  • Interoperability Showcase participants will register for HIMSS Connect-a-thon

All work products will be shared during HIMSS17.