HIMSS Revenue Cycle Meeting

9/16/2015 5:00am, EDT - 2:00pm, EDT

HIMSS Innovation Center | Cleveland, OH


HIMSS Revenue Cycle Meeting

The Health Business Solutions Committee identifies and promotes the effective use of financial and administrative systems for healthcare organizations. Building on the historical work of the Medical Banking and Financial Systems Committee, this Committee will work collaboratively with others to understand and define the points of intersection of finance and administrative systems across the healthcare continuum.

Purpose: Since 2011 the Revenue Cycle Improvement Task Force has been on a quest to address the emerging dynamic of the patient experience as it relates to their financial satisfaction when they engage with the healthcare delivery system. The Task Force provides thought leadership intended to drive the development of the next generation of revenue cycle management tools and reflect the impact of this dynamic.

RCITF members include a cross-section of providers, payers, vendors, consultants, associations and governmental contributors to improve insight and foster industry wide collaboration with respect to the patient issues.

Patient Financial Experience of the Future

32 Attendees

Private Event.

HIMSS Innovation Center
Global Center for Health Innovation
1 St. Clair Avenue, NE | Cleveland, OH 44144