HIMSS Wine Down Wednesday - AR/VR in Healthcare

9/26/2018 5:30pm, EDT - 7:00pm, EDT

Join us at the HIMSS Innovation & Conference Center to celebrate making it half-way through the work week-- with beer, wine, and great views of Lake Erie! It's the perfect way to unwind as you keep up on new topics at the intersection of healthcare and technology.

Jarryd Huntley will be speaking and leading a panel discussion with healthcare experts on the impact of virtual reality and game design in the healthcare world.  He will be discussing the differences between the actual reality of healthcare and the future virtual reality that is currently being used for technical advancements in the medical technology field.  He will also discuss the anticipation and implications of the upcoming technology that will reshape how medical technology and communication may happen in the future.

It all happens inside a global powerhouse of health innovation, the 30,000-square-foot HIMSS Innovation & Conference Center in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. The space is designed to provide health professionals, developers, business executives, investors, students, researchers, HIMSS members and others with access to educational and business opportunities in a vibrant, interactive facility focused on the transformational promise of digital health innovation.



Previous Wine Down Wednesdays:

August 29: Blockchain in Healthcare

Dr. Shane McNamee, discussed the dire need in healthcare for Blockchain: a process of linking data, or blocks, together for more secure communication. Most specifically, how Blockchain can be used in patient identity matching and securing record access so that healthcare data can be utilized in advancing healthcare without sacrificing the privacy of the patients. Also, we dove into the natural connections between Blockchain and FHIR standard that is currently used in healthcare for accessing discrete data from EHRs.

July 25: Nursing Innovations: Advancing Today's Informatics and Where We Go Tomorrow

Pam Baker, Chief Nursing Information Officer with Akron Children’s Hospital, and Barb Bungard, Manager of IT Regulatory Operations at Akron Children’s Hospital, led the presentation on the role of informatics in the future of health IT. Attendees learned about careers in nursing informatics, especially how to advance in the field. The meetup explored the role of informatics in leading practice changes within new care delivery models – and provided the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals.

June 27: Strategies for Navigating Your Career

Cynthia Trotta, an experienced technical career strategist and Director of Operations and Sales for a regional IT consulting firm discussed employer and candidate perspectives -- whether hunting for a new career opportunity or navigating your way up the ranks with a current employer. Cynthia has coached hundreds of job seekers and business owners. Attendees appreciated “Tips and Tricks” to maximize the time and effort invested in developing a career for maximum return. Key takeaways included LinkedIn navigation, effective protocols for approaching C-Suite executives, decoding job descriptions and postings, and more.  Attendees were treated to a spot-on presentation that was both relevant and authentic.