The Innovation & Growth Opportunity Adventure

On Sept. 8, 37 members of the Goldman Sachs organization 10,000 Small Business (10K SB) Alumni gathered at HIMSS Innovation Center to let “Sparks” fly.  All tenants and collaborators of the Global Center for Health Innovation (GCHI) and HIMSS Innovation Center   were invited to participate. 

Participants included:

  • John Paganini -HIMSS,
  • Julia Rajcan -Forbo Healthcare,
  • Rachel Miller & Mike Maczuzak - SmartShape Design,
  • Anam Khan & Craig Anderson - DHG Healthcare.

With a wide variety of small business represented at this adventure, the leaders included: 

  • Karen Fagnilli, Lakehouse Inn and Winery, and Jessie Baginski, Leadership Lake County, led their cohorts at DGH;
  • Lou Radivoyevitch, Rad Graphics, Inc., and Ken Ican, Rock City Dance, led the SmartShape Design team;
  • David Gouttiere, Village Craftsmen, and Andrea Reedy, Organic Way, Inc. led the Forbo Healthcare team; and
  • Michael Moores, Envalo, Inc., and Jennifer Chernisky, Jennasis & Associates, led the HIMSS team.

Setting the stage

Rich Obertots was working on developing his 10k SB growth plan, and he discovered the Global Center for Health Innovation while walking around downtown Cleveland.  He talked with  John Paganini, Sr. Manager Interoperability Initiatives at HIMSS North America and Fred DeGrandis, Former Managing Director/Chief Administrative Officer of the Global Center for Health Innovation, about  how to bring 10K SB Alumni “in the house’ to connect for impact, innovate and generate growth opportunities. John Paganini offered up HIMSS conference space and created  the  Innovation & Growth Opportunity Adventure, a plan six months in development with the final program in place by Sept. 8.   

Begin the Adventure

The morning of Sept 8 started off with a delicious breakfast and networking session in the HIMSS Innovation Center Welcome Area.   Obertots lead the group in discussion on what he wanted to accomplish in a few short hours.  

He wanted to connect 10K SB Alumni with the GCHI tenants; enable individuals and  tenant organizations to experience an immersive encounter; and then begin to explore and discover opportunities to grow sales, partnerships and connections of impact.

Close Encounters of the Collaborative Kind

John Paganini led the HIMSS group in its  discussion on innovative ways to generate traffic.  The team suggested adding interactive booths and increasing networking events to help  advance creativity on the show floor.

In the Forbo showroom, Julia Rajcan and team discussed collaborative business-to-business opportunities.  This group would like to see more integrated healthcare throughout the Global Center for Health Innovation. 

Report & Reveal Session

After 45 minutes, the four groups gathered again in the Welcome Area and reported on their sessions.  When done, each participant had a greater understanding and appreciation for the potential business opportunities. Commerce, innovation, partner, or simply becoming more involved to serve health and healthcare were now known.   Additionally, the alumni themselves became better acquainted.  Many of the cohorts came to the realization all are  that everyone is  connected in one way or another to the medical community. 

The “Spark Session”

This part of the session was a high engagement exercise that sparked creativity and initiatied the innovation trajectory for all.  This group explored and shared ideas and held a Q & A session  on proceeding to discovery, relationship architecting, innovation and growth. 

Post-Event Activities

Since the event, many alumni have connected with each other. Additionally,  over 10 alumni have followed up with Global Center for Health Innovation and HIMSS Innovation Center personnel to pursue further opportunities, such as holding events or being a part of the Global Center for Health Innovation. This event will continue to evolve with a follow-up meeting  planned for December.


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