MetroHealth TeamSTEPPS Training Sessions

TeamSTEPPS is taught over two days at HIMSS Innovation Center by various Doctors, Nurses, and other supporting staff members from MetroHealth .  Approximately 35 - 50 health care professionals from around the world attend this two day educational session.  In 2016, MetroHealth TeamSTEPPS will have been taught on four separate occasions.  The days are filled with hands on training, simulations, and breakout sessions to individuals that will return to their facilities and train their staff with the skills they learned while at the HIMSS Innovation Center.

Many breakout sessions occur during the two days - lots of time to practice what the attendees are learning.

TeamSTEPPS provides higher quality, safer patient care by:

  • Producing highly effective medical teams that optimize the use of information, people, and resources to achieve the best clinical outcomes for patients.
  • Increasing team awareness and clarifying team roles and responsibilities.
  • Resolving conflicts and improving information sharing.
  • Eliminating barriers to quality and safety.

For general information on the TeamSTEPPS program please visit: TeamSTEPPS

For more information on the MetroHealth TeamSTEPPS program please visit: MetroHealth TeamSTEPPS


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