#mHIMSS Chat Preview: A Future Physicians View of the Role of Mobile Health in Health Care#

Mobile health has been poised as the future of how health care will be delivered, however the ultimate providers of health care (physicians) will be the decision makers of what mobile health care technologies/methods will or will not be utilized.

There are an estimated 48 million uninsured Americans, with the introduction of Obama care, many of these people will now be receiving health care.  The physician shortage that already exists is going to grow.  It is estimated that by the year 2020 the physician shortage will grow to 90,000.  With fewer physicians per individual, mobile technologies are sure to play an even larger role in how health care is delivered.

What exactly are the concerns of our future physicians?  Join Chris Dionne M.S. – third year medical student at Wayne State Medical School in Detroit, Michigan as he discusses the future of health care with an emphasis on mobility’s role in its future:

1)    What is the role of the patient and what expectations should we have for the patient’s role in effectively utilizing mobile technologies for better health care outcomes? 

2)    What are the mobile technologies physicians are adopting and why are they effective?

3)    What task or tasks that physicians already provide would be best served by potential mobile technologies? 

4)    What is the future of health care as it pertains to mobile technologies?  Is it realistic to believe that the mobile device already in a physician’s pocket will be the most important “medical device” utilized?

Recent changes in health care policies (Obama care) and ongoing population trends (8,000 Americans a day are turning 65) point to a future of doubt and uncertainty for health care in America.  The right mobile solutions will need to be adopted to address the increasing shortage of physicians.  However, the ultimate decision makers of those technologies adopted will be our future physicians.

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