Perspectives in Healthcare Innovation

Find out how organizations on the cutting edge of healthcare innovation collaborate to solve the industry's complex challenges in the stories below.

Why is Operational Innovation Important?

Healthcare organizations must innovate to meet the new and future needs of patients and professionals. To meet and exceed expectations, organizations must develop infrastructure, tools and collaborations that improve the quality and value of care, contain costs, and reduce complexity.

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Improving Patient Care through Interoperability

Interoperability makes it possible to have the right information at the right time for the right people to make the right decisions for patients. Interoperability creates a patient-centered ecosystem where both patients and providers receive positive outcomes.

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Looking through the Prism: the Healthcare Cybersecurity Journey

Hacking and other types of computer intrusions have become increasingly sophisticated. A robust cybersecurity solution leverages people, processes and technology – working in concert – to protect a healthcare organization’s most valuable asset: information.

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Step Inside the HIMSS Innovation Center

The HIMSS Innovation Center is the place to see how healthcare technologies contribute to safer, higher quality and more cost-effective care so that information gets to the right people at the right time to make informed decisions. Step inside and see how innovation operates.