Putting the Health in the Global Center for Health Innovation

On June 10, 2017, the HIMSS Innovation Center was honored to participate with 44 leading community stakeholder organizations celebrate wellness and educate over 200 participants on living a healthy lifestyle.  Global Wellness Day was started in 2012 by Belgin Aksoy Berkin with the mission to create a physically, mentally and spiritually better world for years to come.  Now being celebrated in over 100 countries, Global Wellness Day will reach over 250,000,000 people worldwide.  The day’s agenda followed a 7-step manifesto that provides education, information, and activities that support a healthy life style.  

The 7 Step Manifesto is as follows:

  1. Walk for an hour a day
  2. Drink more water
  3. Do not use plastic bottles
  4. Eat organic foods
  5. Do a good deed
  6. Have a family dinner
  7. Sleep at 10:00pm

During the day, participants were treated to educational sessions and instructor lead exercises: Zen, Yoga, Zumba, Tai Chi, Mediation sessions, Health Screenings and wellness services. These sessions produced vast amounts of health IT data; steps per minute, dedicated minutes of controlled breathing and screening outcome that can be shared with their providers and help develop healthier populations. 

Global Wellness day committee and volunteers

Backrow left to right: Daniel Hartnett, Angela DiBlasi, Lou Radivoyevitch, Liz Radivoyevitch, Bailey Treister, Billy Treister, Carrie Treister, Heidi Lamb, Larry Polena, Junior League volunteer.
First Row left to right: Quineesha Carlton, Andrea Reedy, Kyensha Johnson, Junior League volunteer, Erin Goodrich, Junior League volunteer, and Anam Khan, and 
Front and center: Gloria Treister

With the slogan “One day can change your whole life,” Global Wellness Day is celebrated on the second Saturday of June every year as an international day dedicated to living well.

Save the date June 9, 2018.
More information can be located at Global Wellness Day