Relational Practices in Health and Healthcare Conference

11/11/2016 9:00am, EST - 11/12/2016 5:00pm, EST

The Taos Institute is a community of scholars and practitioners concerned with the social processes essential for the construction of reason, knowledge, and human value.

Event Description:
This important conference will explore new and exciting practices in healthcare that focus on the critical need for relational, collaborative and appreciative ways of working with, being with, and engaging in heath and healthcare environments. Join with other innovative leaders and practitioners from universities, healthcare organizations, and community groups as we share, explore and discuss what works in bringing about synchrony, understanding, cross fertilization, and continuous learning within the healthcare systems and the relationships that make healing possible. Come meet and engage with key thinkers as well as the everyday practitioner who is doing amazing work in healthcare through lectures, workshops, dialogues, posters, and panels. This is a must-attend conference for those on the cutting edge and those who want to learn more about collaborative, appreciative and inter-professional health practices.


  • Organizing Themes

    Innovations in Relational, Collaborative, and Appreciative Practices in


  • Patient, Family, and Professional Relationships
  • Healthcare Organizations, Policies, Practices and Whole System Change
  • Healthcare Education
  • Connecting Community and Healthcare
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