Startup Day Cleveland with HHS

Below are a few excerpts from the article Startup Day Cleveland with HHS: Cracking the Code on Tech Innovation for Federal Agencies:

"The HHS Startup Day grew out of the 2017 Connected Health Conference in Boston. The idea was to bring tech innovators from different U.S. cities together to collaborate and help each other advance new solutions needed by federal government agencies.


What came next was HSS Startup Days, a series of presentations to demystify what government agencies do. 'We let innovation communities know who we are and why they should know about our programs, our regulations and resources. And we give them the opportunity to interact in a casual setting,' said Konya.


These lunch table conversations gave startups a better sense for federal agencies, while giving HHS insights into the roadblocks to innovation, including restrictive or misunderstood policies.


Though a new concept, Startup Days are proving their value by raising awareness of federal agency resources like regulation guides, testing tools for developers, and free resources including sandboxes like the Inferno.


Cleveland is the eighth city on the tour and is part of the HHS two-year commitment to hosting startup days. One year into the program, it may be extended beyond that."