The Taos Institute in collaboration with the International Institute for Qualitative Methods presents:

Relational Practices in health and Healthcare; Healing Through Collaboration

This conference explored new and exciting practices in healthcare with a focus on the critical need for relational, collaborative and appreciative ways of working with, being with, and engaging in heath and healthcare environments. This conference encouraged engagement with key thinkers as well as the everyday practitioner who are doing amazing work in healthcare through lectures, workshops, dialogues, posters, and panels.

Peter Whitehouse, MD and Kurt Stange, MD working on their part of designing a course for the future.

On November 10, 30 attendees gathered in the HIMSS Innovation Center Welcome Area to assist in Wisdom 102: Designing a Course for the Future.  This workshop was filled with a wide variety of knowledge, skill sets, as well as ages.  The attendees were encouraged to consider what the components of a university-wide and community course might be to enhance collective and practical wisdom necessary to address the great challenges we face as a species, such as social inequity and climate change.  The goal of this workshop was to produce an outline for a syllabus that will describe both the content and pedagogical processes, like experiential and service learning, of a course that will be future oriented and intergenerative.

Amanda Trosten-Bloom and Lydia Prado lead their group in a practice showcase: From Skepticism to Engagement.

Amanda Trosten-Bloom and Lydia Prado share their experience in opening The Dahlia Campus for Health and Well-Being in Denver, CO.  This campus has enabled community members to connect with neighbors, learn new skills and find supports they need to increase their health and well-being.  The road to opening this facility was not an easy one, these two women open up about the community skepticism to having the community embrace them.