Understanding Critical Medical Aviation Services at HIMSS Innovation Center


In most U.S. market spaces, there are several critical medical aviation and transport programs utilizing helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft to respond to vehicular accidents, mass casualty incidents and to rapidly convey critically ill or injured patients between medical facilities.

The fact is – individuals that request medical aviation services, such as physicians in community hospital emergency departments or paramedics at scenes of vehicular accidents needing to convey patients to LEVEL I Trauma Centers, often have several choices. This is not (yet) automated. It’s somewhat like commercial airlines – with high levels of competition seeking to be first chosen for their flights.

HIMSS Innovation Center Event: At the HIMSS Innovation Center in the Global Center for Health Innovation, Rich Obertots, CEO, DRUMMER of ThinkThroughTools, LLC, conducted a webinar on Dec. 20 to launch the Flight Request Stimulator Program.™ 

The audience included professionals throughout the USA responsible for stimulating flight requests and managing business development and outreach for the nation’s 320 critical medical aviation / transport programs.

He discussed how to effectively

  • identify,

  • categorize and

  • prioritize

customers using the tools and matrix that are part of the program, so that efforts are much more cost-effective, efficient and value-amplifying.

Goal of the Program: The goal of the stimulator program is to provide proven principles and technologies to “Get the Request” for those responsible and accountable for flight request stimulation. It was created to empower worthwhile and capable critical medical aviation programs to receive the requests so that individuals counting on them, like patients, requestors, loved ones and a host of others, all have the highest probability of a positive outcome.

As Obertots puts it, “So often – critical medical aviation programs earn the right to do what they are doing through high-level commitments to safety, clinical competency, aviation maintenance and solid communication systems and specialists– yet – many are not proficient at being requested. Bottom line – less worthy or competent competitors are often much better at marketing, outreach and customer focus – therefore they ‘get the calls’ while more worthy and able programs sit ready – but unrequested.”

Although the industry focus is Critical Medical Aviation - the information presented does apply to anyone seeking to better identify, categorize and prioritize the right customers consistently to be more effective at stimulating “requests” for your products or services.

As it relates to HIMSS Innovation Center as the hosting organization, “We are fully devoted to utilizing healthcare information management and systems technologies, like customer relationship management platforms, machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, all part of our commitment to disciplined innovation,” said Obertots. “What more appropriate venue than the HIMSS Innovation Center to do this!

“Special thanks to Heidi Lamb and John Paganini of HIMSS Innovation Center for their commitment to help us with this webinar and future learning events and webinars we will convene there to innovate in the field of critical medical aviation.”

View the Flight Request Stimulator™ Webinar; How to Target the Right Customer to Stimulate More Flight Requests.

Here is the link to above hyperlink if needed: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/7056111852663636482