We are the Majority Rally

We are the majority

HIMSS Innovation Center welcomed over 200 Cuyahoga High School Students to our floor to participate in the “We are the Majority Rally”. This is the 3rd year the rally has been held in Cleveland, 2nd year they have called the HIMSS Innovation Center home base.  This rally is an Ohio wide effort coordinated locally by Kelly Lazar from the Community Awareness and Prevention Association; in collaboration with the Cuyahoga County Board of Health - Opiate Task Force and numerous other community based organizations.  

The students that participate in this rally want their voice to be heard that they are the majority of teens who choose to live positively by making drug and alcohol-free, socially conscious choices.   The students believe that through unity, they can make a difference in the world.

They started up at the HIMSS Innovation Center with a check in, picked up their rally tee-shirts, signed a large banner, spent time taking pictures and enjoying each other’s company.   They then went down to the Jr. Ballroom in the Global Center for Health Innovations to team build and learn the dance that they would soon preform to the public. After their flash mob, they then went on to City Hall and let their voices be heard through a presentation at City Hall – Council Chambers.

We are the majority


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