What Innovation Means to Healthcare and Why it Matters Today


Open APIs, cloud computing, FHIR, developer programs, tech accelerators and hospital innovation labs. We’re at an exciting juncture right now in healthcare. But where is it all going? Tune in to hear from HIMSS Subject Matter Experts: Justin Gernot, Vice President of HIMSS Healthbox, Ian Hoffberg, Applied Innovation Manager and Adam Culbertson, Innovator-in-Residence delve deep into innovation and share their first-hand experience on the state of innovation. 

Attendees should expect: 

  • A high-level overview of HIMSS' focus on Innovation within healthcare
  • Insights into what innovation looks like around the country 
  • An understanding of a framework for digital health
  • To learn about problems hospitals, and the industry as a whole, are tackling today
  • Expert advice about different approaches to innovation 

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