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The comprehensive interoperability testing and certification program governed by HIMSS and built on the work of the EHR | HIE Interoperability Workgroup and IHE USA.



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NetScout Systems Inc. LogoHIMSS Innovation Center Welcomes New Industry-level Collaborator NetScout

NetScout Systems, Inc., a market leader in service assurance solutions, helps healthcare organizations worldwide to manage and monitor mission-critical applications and services, including EMR and PACs.  NetScout solutions enable these organizations to proactively manage service delivery and identify emerging performance problems in order to reduce mean-time-to-resolve issues that cause business disruptions for patients, doctors and staff using information technology. The HIMSS Innovation Center Welcomes NetScout Systems, Inc!


New ConCert by HIMSS™
Program Takes Interoperability Testing and Certification to Next Level

HIMSS announces the launch of ConCert by HIMSS™, testing and certification program that assures secure and reliable transfer of data among electronic health records, health information exchanges, and health information services providers within and across organizational and state boundaries.

Building on the work of the EHR/HIE Interoperability Workgroup (IWG) and IHE USAConCert by HIMSS offers a unique, independent seal of approvalfor EHR, HIE and HISP systems. ICSA Labs serves as the testing and certification body for this effort.

The new program, unveiled at the HIMSS15 Annual Conference & Exhibition in Chicago, addresses a key obstacle in today’s healthcare system: many IT systems cannot connect with each other, creating the need for costly interfaces to be built each time systems are interconnected.  This new certification will give providers a seal of approval to ensure they are making smart buying choices.



Invitation to participate in HIMSS Patient Data Matching on FHIR Hackathon
When:             August 14th, 2015 from 9-5
Where:            HIMSS Innovation Center, Cleveland, OH on the Shores of Lake Erie
Who:               HHS Innovators, Algorithm Vendors, Argonauts Members, Coders
Registration:  Register Here

The event will be both educational and a hands-on development opportunity.  In one day at the HIMSS Innovation Center in Cleveland, Ohio:

  • Learn from world leading experts in patient data matching, synthetic data development, and the emerging FHIR standard, and

  • Participate in testing and application development activities relating to patient data matching

Challenges to patient matching include issues such as data quality and data standardization.  FHIR, a rapidly emerging standard has the potential to simplify the process of matching by enabling a data agnostic approach to linking data.  Furthermore, access to realistic patient data is needed for testing of matching algorithms.  One solution is the use of synthetic patient data.  Synthetic patient data is computer generated data designed to mimic real world personal health data (PHI).  This non-PHI data can be instrumental for both testing of patient matching algorithms and training.

The event will be structured to implement the following:

Scenario 1:  Test Your Matching Algorithms

Connect matching algorithms to a FHIR resource server containing synthetic patient resources.  The matching algorithms will be updated to take in FHIR patient resources and then perform a de-duplication of the records.  A final list of patient resources should be produced.  Basic performance metrics can then be calculated to determine the success of the matching exercise.  Use the provided tools, or bring your own and connect them up.

Scenario 2:  Development Exercise

Develop applications that allow EHRs to easily update the status of patients who are deceased. A synthetic centralized mortality database, such as the National Death Index or a state’s vital statistics registry, will be made available through a FHIR interface.  External data sources, such as EHRs, will be matched against this repository to flag decedents. The applications should be tailored to deliver data to decision makers. This scenario will focus on how different use cases drive different requirements for matching.



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